Bent Ear. Sound. Music.

Nominated for Best Sound Design, TV and Cinema, ICAD Awards 2013.
Nominated for two Sound Design awards in the International Music and Sound Awards in Cannes, 2013
Nominated for Best Sound Design (Cinema Advertising, Branding) in the UK MAS Awards, 2013,2012
Winner, Bronze Award for Best Sound design in a TV & Cinema campaign, by the Creative Circle, 2003

Started in 1998 by Simeon Davies & Sean Mortimer, Bent Ear create and compose sounds and music for all sorts of things - commercials, films, heritage, digital and audio branding.

We individually craft and nurture every audio aspect of the project at hand.
We go to great lengths to find the most creative and suitable sound design/music for any given project

We've used St.Paul's Cathedral as a huge echo-chamber.
We've tormented the accelerator and engine on Lewis Hamilton's F1 car to make VERY loud melodies
We've used an old onion as a maraca.

If you're thinking of commissioning original music or sound design for a project or brand, give us a call. We are always available to meet up for a chat and a drink or two.

We are based in West Didsbury, Manchester.

01614344921 / 07966796041 / 07941110754

News: We've just completed the sound design and music for the new Magna Carta Exhibition at Lincoln Castle.

Bent Ear Live: our music and sound is currently playing at:

"Oculus" and "Resurgam", St Paul's Cathedral, London.
"Our Beautiful Game", National Football Museum, Manchester.
"Kicking and Screaming", Museum of Liverpool.
"In the Race", Olympic Museum, Lausanne.
"The Story of Jersey", Jersey Museum, St Helier.

Photo by Andrew Swarbrick.

Towards the Light

Made to celebrate World Tai Chi Day on April 25th, ‘Wang Hai Jun – Towards the Light’ is an intimate portrait of one of the most accomplished Tai Chi practitioners on the planet Featuring Wang Hai Jun.

The sound design was created using hydrophones to record the subtle sound of water currents flowing around metal rods of brass and aluminium suspended in water. The rods were repeatedly struck from above the water surface, setting up a bell-like resonance that was captured underwater.

Sound Design, mix and mastering by Bent Ear.

Directed by Angus Wilson for Maker Projects