St Paul's Cathedral.


Original music, sound design, music supervision, mix and tracklaying by Bent Ear.

Exhibition Design: Ralph Applebaum Associates.

Directed by: Mr Richard Oliver for Centrescreen, Manchester.

A day in the life of St Pauls Cathedral is one film out of four from the new "Oculus" 9-screen, 270°, 18-speaker installation currently exhibited in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral, London.

St Paul's Cathedral has a unique sonic signature that we wanted to capture, giving the listener a strong sense of place. To achieve this, we constructed a percussive instrument based on a bell and a cymbal.

The spectral tones were created by bowing the bell and cymbal in the knave of the empty (!) cathedral at 6am. We also recorded the lowest note & some scales from the Grand Organ along with Joe the choirboy who sang a chromatic scale for us.

Our music supervision role was to choose the hymns used as part of the composition.

Winner of the Design Week 2011 Award for Best Exhibition Design.

Tags: music sound design Experimental Richard Oliver Tourism Textural Education Uplifting Sonic ethnography