Reebok & NHL Virtual Reality.

VR simulation & binaural

All music, foley and sound design, mix and mastering by Bent Ear.

Designed for Headphones.

A virtual reality CGI (VR) project for Reebok and the National Hockey League (NHL) of North America, allowing fans to experience what it would be like to play in the All Star team. The activity took place during 5-6 Feb, 2016 at the NHL All-Star event and Fan Fair in Nashville, Tennessee, which played host to a ice hockey show where the best players across North America were brought together for a special showcase match.

Bent Ear used a haptic SubPac tactile bass system, for the campaign sound track mix and master. The SubPac was implemented at the fair, giving viewers a real sense of ice hockey players' violent body hits.

Animation studio: Flipbook

Agency: Savvy Marketing -

Art Direction: Vicki Munro

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Tags: Sound Design Virtual Reality Rhythmic Animation Technology Bass Sport