Norton Commando 961


Announcing the re-engineered and revitalised return of the Norton Commando 961.

Bent Ear were commissioned to create the sound design and composed the music for this 1'22" film, celebrating the arrival of this iconic British twin-cylinder motorcycle.

As sound textures were key to the film, we were lucky enough to visit the new Norton factory in Solihull and record every sound the motorcycle was able to make. To record the engine (arguably the most crucial sound to capture) we miked the bike up from multiple positions driven on a rolling road which was itself inside a small metal shed !

We also recorded many of the manufacturing processes involved. To create a sense of otherworldly luxury, we time-stretched and spectrally "smeared" some of our recordings to lend an atmospheric foil to the gritty engine recordings.

Sound design, music, audio post and master by Bent Ear.

Directed by Richard Oliver.

Produced by Vicky Byrne.