Mortal Kombat for Playstation Vita.


Music / Sound Design by Bent Ear with Phil Taylor.

1'30" trailer for Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita - part of 2 teasers and 2 trailers.

Over 7 Million views on Youtube can be seen here

The official Playstation Youtube channel version can be seen here

Directed by Phil Taylor for Loki.

Produced by Bob @ Loki.

Client: Warner Bros. Interactive

We made loads of sounds for Mr Phil who took them away and jammed them together, like a broken jigsaw.

He then threw the result back at us. We kicked it around, spanked it and shoved it back at him. He smashed it over the head, flayed it and rolled it back to us. We stabbed it, drowned it, bifurcated it and fired it back at him.

Then the soundtrack was finished.

Tags: Phil Taylor Sound Design Dark Horror Electro Acousic Visceral Videogames