Mizuno STZ STX 220


30 sec Online and TV ad for the new Mizuno STZ and STX 220 drivers.

Bent Ear audio work and music composition for the latest online and US TV campaign for the Mizuno ST-Z and ST-X 220 range of golf drivers.

The music is based on a conga rhythm which is then bigged up with cinematic Taiko drums. 

The sound design is based on the swoosh sound of golf drivers being swung at different speeds, together with processed and filtered sounds of a golf ball entering the cup.

We also pitch-shifted and filtered the noise of the tee being hit for the delicate techy embellishments!

Music and sound design by Bent Ear.

Audio post and master by Bent Ear.

Directed by Leo Marcantonio for Loki London.

Produced by Bob Ford at Loki London.

Tags: Bent Ear sound design golf Sport