Magna Carta: Challenging the power of a King @ Lincoln Castle


Bent Ear provided an epic original music score, Foley and sound design as well as music direction and production. The music is played on a medieval psaltery and much of the sound design was derived from tapping the instrument with wood and metal objects.

The sound plays from a purpose-built sound environment designed by Charlie Morrow from Morrowsound USA, with each speaker positioned at the vertices of a 3D sound "cube".

The film is projected onto a 270 degrees wraparound screen in a purpose-built cinema. Together with the sound system this creates a fully immersive experience.

'Magna Carta: Challenging the Power of a King’, is a recreation of the story of King John, the barons, and the birth of the Great Charter for the 800th Anniversary of it's creation. Starring Jeff Stewart as King John, the film uses a mix of live action filmed in a stunning studio set, beautifully animated drawings taken from the important medieval manuscript: ‘Chronica Majora’ which was kindly provided by the British Library.

Directed by Richard Oliver for Centrescreen productions.

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