Cocaine: Know the Score.

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Nominated for Best Sound Design, MAS Awards 2012

All music and sound design by Bent Ear.

Shortlisted for the 2010 CFP-E/Shots Young Director Award European Broadcast Category.

90 second (Director's cut) cinema commercial for The Scottish Executive.

The brief was to communicate all the horrors of the side-effects of cocaine using sound.

Many of the "horror" overly-loud atmosphere sounds were created by using the on-set recorded sounds while utilising the power of low-quality mp3s to sound terrible, when improperly rendered. We'd then re-render those resulting low-quality mp3s as terrible quality mp3s and repeat the process. Musical influences for this project included Merzbow and Wolf Eyes.

Directed by Mark Jewitt

Produced by Viv Jaspers
Production company: The Gate Films Edinburgh
Agency: Leith Edinburgh

Tags: sound design Horror Dark Education Visceral Powerful Experimental