Kicking and Screaming @ the Museum of Liverpool


Sound design, location & field recording, tracklaying and mixing by Bent Ear.

15 minute film showing the dramatic history of football in Liverpool. Now showing at the Museum of Liverpool.

The brief was to create the entire soundscape, sound design and mix. We recorded all the crowd roars using a Soundfield microphone placed directly behind the goalmouth over the course of two matches at Goodison and Anfield. .
We cleaned up all the archived audio and recorded interviews with fans for all the soundbites.
Finally we brought together all these elements, including the music (composed by rock legend, Pete Wylie of Wah! fame) into the 5.1 Surround Sound mix.

Music by Rock Legend, Pete Wylie.

Directed by Mr Richard Oliver for Centrescreen.

The Museum of Liverpool website is here.

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