The Irish Times.

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Nominated for Best Sound Design, TV and Cinema, ICAD Awards 2013

All sound design, foley, mixing and mastering by Bent Ear.

2 minute film to accompany 60,30 & 20 sec online Cinema and TV campaign for the Irish Times.

Irish Actor, John Fitzpatrick plays an intrepid reporter moving through a series of real and surreal scenarios.

Our brief was to create a complex, edgy and compelling soundscape that supported the ever-changing narrative.

All the sound was recorded and designed using foley techniques after filming and put together during audio post at Bent Ear.

Directed by Simon Burrill

Produced by Rhiannon Collinge for the Gate Films

Agency: Cawley Nea\TBWA

Tags: Simon Burrill Sound Design Foley Dark Mystery complex education Surreal