Inside the Race @ the Olympic Museum.


Sound Design and 7.1 Surround mix by Bent Ear

A short excerpt from the museum experience.

A 5' 30", 180°, 7.1 surround sound film; Inside the Race seeks to convey, in an intensely atmospheric way, the experience of being an Olympic athlete and what sets Olympians apart.

The film is now playing at the new Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

Directed by Daryl Goodrich for Centrescreen Productions

The film work draws heavily on archive footage, both of Olympic greats such as Jesse Owens, Michael Phelps and Abebe Bikila, and quirkier shots emphasising, for example, the sinuosity of a shot-putter's hand as she prepares to throw. But these are combined with aural and visual metaphors denoting pressure, pain and stress - paint bubbling, razor blades, tearing fabrics - as well as scarcely discernible voices and a dramatic soundtrack to generate a powerful, universally accessible, impact.

Winner of the Grand Prix Avicom 2014 award at the The International Audiovisual Festival on Museums and Heritage.

Tags: Sound Design Sport Heightened Reality Electro Acoustic Visceral Epic Layered Family Olympic Abstract Awards Museums Heritage