Home is Where the Heart is.


Meet Harold Heart and Bernard Brain – best friends and roommates – and see how their unhealthy lifestyle leads to the entrance of an unwanted house guest … Dorothy Diabetes. The characters aim to raise awareness of the relationship between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Originally 4 episodes, the full-length is a 4-minute version of a series of short animations for the Boehringer Ingelheim website, Facebook and Youtube communications channels.

Bent Ear sourced suitable existing music. We eventually went with a piece reminiscent of the theme from "The Addams Family" as it was a good fit with the animation (quirky characters in a haunted house). The music was provided in various cut-down forms and lengths which we placed, arranged, and edited to match the shifting moods and drama of the film.

The voice acting for Harold Heart was performed by Simeon at Bent Ear. Bernard Brains' voice was created by extracting all the noises between words from a past conversation recorded with his Grandfather. The Insulings are the sounds from a warbling bird whistle and Dorothy Diabetes is a woman laughing backwards !

Sound design, foley, music supervision & arrangement, vocal acting, mix and master by Bent Ear.

3d CGI Animation by Flipbook.

Produced by Jo Wilkinson.

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