Flu Aware.

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All sound design by Bent Ear.

30 second TV commercial for PHA alerting the public to get a flu jab for Northen Ireland.

The sound design is meant to invoke a sense of uneasiness, the idea of "infection" and "germs". To this end, we recorded heartbeats and cardiac event-monitors. We captured insects and put them in brown paper bags and recorded all the scuttling noises. The insects were released after the recording and not stamped on, tortured or sprayed with chemicals.

We also recorded long fingernails dragged across woodchip, manhandled huge glops of thick yoghurt mixed with lentils and grain-delayed Richard's original voiceover to get the whispering sounds in the background.

Directed by Mr Richard Oliver for the Gate Films.

Produced by Viv Jaspers.
Agency: The Leith

Tags: richard oliver sound design Dark Medical Layered Education