Diesel Virtual Reality experience.

VR simulation & binaural

All sound design, mix and master by Bent Ear.

Designed for headphones.

A binaural, furry, cotton candy scented, spectacular, rumbling VR experience ! Once again the creative minds at Flipbook and Savvy Marketing charged us with providing a dynamic soundtrack to the launch of the Diesel flagship store in London.

The viewer is taken on a virtual flight through a world of fur, populated by furry beasts of all shapes and sizes, eventually landing at the new Diesel store. Along with the visuals, sound and touch, Savvy introduced a scented dimension of candyfloss making this a multi-dimensional experience.

Our role was to guide the experience using sound design including some hefty bass impacts using a SubPac. As this experience is designed for headphones, we also introduced some layers of binaural sound (the illusion of sound going behind your head). This was achieved by worldizing elements of the mix using external speakers and dummy head recording.

Animation: Flipbook

Agency: Savvy Marketing  - getsavvy.com/vr

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