Brother Printers.

idents & tv

Music and Sound Design by Bent Ear.

Nominated for best Sound Design in Titles & Branding, MAS Awards 2013.

One of a series of 4 Brother Sponsorship idents for Channel 4's "Inspiring Success" range of programmes including Bank of Dave, Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire and others.

The idea behind the sound was that the Brother printers were "printing out the ident". To achieve this, we used recordings of printers, chopped up and edited together to create a soundscape that evoked a sense of highly engineered mechanisms working fluidly in the background. As printers are capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, this was very fertile subject matter with which to work.

The soft, cyclical music background is actually an effected and edited sample of a printer head aligning itself !

Directed by Tom Shrapnel

Produced by Fabian Martinez

Production company: the Gate Films

Tags: music sound design tom shrapnel Technology Light