Bentley Bentayga Hybrid. Sound design by Bent Ear. Music by Tina Guo.


The Bentley Motors Bentayga Hybrid launch film at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 and the Bentley homepage film.

Sound design, foley, mix and master by Bent Ear.

Music by Tina Guo.

We created the sound design; mixed and mastered the audio for 4 short films for the launch of the new Bentley Bentayga Hybrid aired at the 88th Geneva International Motor show, 2018.

Our brief was to follow the lines of light using sound design to enhance and add dynamics to the flow of the narrative. We used the whooshes of passing jet turbines and filtered them to bring out only the sense of movement and whispy , tingling element of the sound. The sound design had to have dynamics and impact, yet also be understated.

We had the pleasure of working with music stems composed and supplied to us by world renowned cellist and composer Tina Guo. Her website can be seen here.

Tags: bent ear dynamic luxury motoring sound design