American Golf

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Sound design and music by Bent Ear.

60sec TVC for American Golf

Voiceover: John Hannah

Directed by Mr Richard Oliver for the Gate Films

Produced by Serena Fylan

Agency: Digger

The brief here was to emphasize awareness of the sounds around our golfing hero, thereby creating a sense of tension which is further anchored by an insistent, slightly melancholy piano melody - played on Simeon's knackered old upright piano at home .This serves as a stage for the voiceover, John Hannah to recite the poem "Lady Luck"...

The action takes place at Turnberry and stars their Pro, Ross Leeds, and the Store Manager and PGA Pro for American Golf in Irvine. Golfers are seen battling tough positions on the course and each is challenged to leave “nothing to chance” and to “create their own luck” by choosing the very best products for their game.

Tags: John Hannah music sound design Sport Heightened Reality Acoustic Minimal Foley