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Bent Ear. Sounds. Music.

Nominated for Best Sound Design, TV and Cinema, ICAD Awards 2013.

Nominated for two Sound Design awards in the International Music and Sound Awards in Cannes, 2013

Nominated for Best Sound Design (Cinema Advertising, Branding) in the UK MAS Awards, 2013,2012

Winner, Bronze Award for Best Sound design in a TV & Cinema campaign, by the Creative Circle, 2003

Established in 1998 by Simeon Davies & Sean Mortimer, we create original music & sound design for TV, cinema, film, animation, computers, radio and theatre.

This includes: Sound design/editing, Foley, Field recording, Music composition, Music editing, Mixing/dubbing and Mastering for digital formats.

We're based in West Didsbury, Manchester, the North of England. We have 2 fully digital sound studios and up to Dolby 7.1 mixing facilities. We are also close to lots of nice bars and restaurants.

Please call us for a quote or to discuss a license.

+44161 434 4921 / 0796 679 6041 / 0794 111 0754 /

Photo by Andrew Swarbrick. Image manipulation by Simeon.

McLaren F1 & SAP - 'The Perfect Lap' Short

4'40" Promotional film for McLaren F1 and their partner, SAP about the role data plays in achieving "The Perfect Lap". One of three films: 1:Engineers, 2: Drivers, 3: Team. This is film no.2

All sound design and music by Bent Ear.

Directed by Mr Richard Oliver for Wing Films.

Produced by Viv Jaspers

Our brief was to capture the intensity of F1 and the team's technical mastery of data to enhance F1 performance, culminating with the idea of "The Perfect Lap" - and to represent that using sound.

We used multiple techniques for this, including recording Lewis Hamilton's F1 car whilst it was "on bricks" in the engineer's pit at the Norman Foster Mclaren Headquarters. We also recorded hours of atmos and machinery at the high tech McLaren 12C + P1 car manufacturing plant.

We were also given access to the telemetry readouts of F1 data, which we were then able to convert using sonification + audification techniques into audible sound. We used this together with our new acquisition, Symbolic Sound Kyma, to create a soundscape representation of the flow of data during lap testing.

A busmans holiday, really.

Many thanks to the Mclaren team and engineers for letting us make a nuisance of ourselves.